Fees will take a small flat service fee from every sale you make through our service. This fee is payable by either vendor or affiliate depending on who received payment for that particular sale. Fees are expected to be paid at the start of each month.

If a refund occurs the system will automatically recalculate commissions and fees to put everything back on track.

We have a simple fee policy as you can see in the table below:

Service Fee

Transaction Total


Up to $4.99


$5 to $19.99


$20 and above

As a vendor you are allowed to list one product for free. If you want to add more products there is a onetime PREMIER account activation fee of just $29 which entitles you to list an unlimited number of products for life.

Other than that you will only ever pay a flat fee per transaction. There are absolutely no hidden costs or monthly costs ever.

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