Vendors - Sell Products Online

PaySpree takes all the hassle out of selling your products online and managing your affiliate program.
From securely delivering your products to making sure your affiliates get paid every time.

Payment Flexibility

Accept payments from PayPal, Payza or Skrill. If you have a problem with one company, you're backed up by another so your business continues to run without a hitch.

With PaySpree everyone gets paid by whichever method they prefer. Your affiliates can receive Payza even if you choose to receive PayPal.

Download Page Encryption

Stop thieves and digital pirates from sharing access to your products.

PaySpree's built in secure download pages are set to expire and cannot be shared. Your customers will never see the real location of your download page.

Autoresponder Integration

Automatically subscribe your customers to your email list as they make a purchase. Works with most major autoresponder services and self hosted scripts.

Affiliate Management

With access to names and emails for all your affiliates you can contact them at any time. You'll also be able to attract a much wider group of affiliates because of the attractive instant commission and payment flexibility options you can offer.

All your affiliates are paid instantly and automatically saving you time, money and paperwork.

Instant Dimesales

Create urgency with one of the most effective ways to motivate buyers to make a purchasing decision right away.

Dimesales are special offers that increase in price after every purchase made. The price increases LIVE right on your buy now button, so your prospects can actually see it go up in real time.

Creating a dimesale couldn't be easier and only takes about 30 seconds. PaySpree takes care of everything.

Service Fees

Fees are payable by either vendor or affiliate depending on who received payment for that particular sale. Fees are expected to be paid at the start of each month.

If a refund occurs the system will automatically recalculate commissions and fees to put everything back on track.

We have a simple fee policy as you can see in the table below:

Service Fee

Transaction Total


Up to $4.99


$5 to $19.99


$20 and above

As a vendor you are allowed to list one product for free. If you want to add more products there is a onetime PREMIER account activation fee of just $29 which entitles you to list an unlimited number of products for life.

Other than that you will only ever pay a flat fee per transaction. There are absolutely no hidden costs or monthly costs ever.

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